Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer E21

Frigidaire Front Load Washer E21

Your Frigidaire Affinity Front Load washer displays E21 on the screen and you are wondering how I can fix it or do I have to call an appliance repair expert. Well don’t worry! It is a common problem where water is not pumping out fast enough. Just understand and follow the instructions given below to have the washer repair service done by you.

One of the likely reasons could be a clogged drain filter. You have to take the panel in the rear out of the machine. Pull your machine out of the wall first then take out the panel. Now you must be able to see the drain pump. There is a drain filter inside this pipe. Disconnect the pipe between the pump and the tub. Clean this filter and reassemble the disconnected parts. Also, make sure the drain hose is only 6-8 inches down in the drain pipe. Put your machine back into the wall and give it a roundup. Your problem should be solved by this.

Perhaps a fix-it video can make you understand it better!

If you feel that this washing machine repair is beyond your ability then remember an inexpensive and time saving solution would be to call Appliance Guru home appliance repair service expert team to do the job in no time for you. If you have a problem of washer repair in Nassau County then give us a call at (631) 517-4341 or schedule a service with us to get a pre-visit diagnosis of the problem and its affordable solution.

Prevent Washer Floods

Prevent Washer Floods

What’s your laundry routine? You put bucket load of dirty clothes in the washer, start it up and rush to the couch to watch your favorite TV show. Something strange, very strange happens in the washing area!

After you are done with your favorite show, you hear the sound of your nightmares. Water running from the laundry area into the hallway! EEK! You forget to enjoy the Doritos anymore, get up grunting on your elder boy and rush down the hall to find out what’s wrong in the washer area. You haven’t gone far away when your cute pink bunny shoes are splattering through a puddle of water. Now you realize, your nightmare has come to life. It’s a washer flood out!

When your washer is filled with water a washer level control switch tells your washer that now it’s enough and the washer is full. What has happened now is that your washer gets filled with water, like it always does, and it then it fills and fills and fills. The washer level control switch goes for an eternal vacation and no one tells the washer that buddy stop filling up, you’re done! Welcome to the world of Appliance-Guru Washer Repair Service.

Now you must be thinking, I should’ve listened to that kind in-home service repair guy who not long ago told you that you really, really need a FloodControl on your washer. It was not an expensive suggestion and you could’ve avoided the disaster of washer overfill. But how on earth you could’ve trusted someone who straightaway used words like “Disaster” for your own good? And besides, that money was always going to be spent on Dish TV you’ve been aching for so long! Well, now you’ve got mess of a world in your trailer to clean up, aren’t you? PSSS.. save yourself the hassle and give a call now to washer repair experts at Appliance-Guru Home Repair Service at (631) 517-4341.