Inspirational Outdoors Kitchens

4 Inspirational Outdoor Kitchens

Its summer time and you must be planning to host backyard parties and barbecues this season. Your outdoor kitchen can be beautiful and inspirational. Have a look at the outdoor kitchen options;

  1. The Patio Kitchen

This gorgeous outdoor kitchen sits quietly on the patio against your home’s back wall. Your home looks stylish with stone on the kitchen walls. It has got all the necessities for you, its complete with storage for firewood, sink, counter and grill. The covered kitchen provides you comfort and weather protection. Have a look at an example we found of this covered kitchen here.

  1. The Open Kitchen

Cook and entertain with ease in this open kitchen. For cooking and dining there is ample counter space while the cook can grill and enjoy backyard view at the same time courtesy of the open kitchen design. Converse with your guests at your backyard barbeque party with comfort, or while you cook just enjoy watching your kids play outside. You can find an example of this beautiful and spacious kitchen here.

  1. The Poolside Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is perfect for a backyard with a pool. It provides you plenty of counter space and all necessary facilities. You can match the counter top and front of the kitchen with the pool area. And yes! The cook can enjoy having a look at the pool over the open kitchen while grilling. Serve as a chef and a lifeguard, host an end-of-the-school-year swim party for your child at this perfect vantage point. View this poolside kitchen here.

  1. The Pergola Kitchen

This beautiful outdoor kitchen has wonderful facilities. The pergola offers shaded sitting area and adds visual appeal to space. Relax, sit and entertain guests in your backyard while enjoying the ambiance created by the fireplace and elegant lighting. See your dream pergola here and find more pergola ideas here.

Of course you need working appliances for an outdoor kitchen. Consult Appliance Guru | Home Appliance Repair Center for all your appliance maintenance and repair needs.