Prevent Washer Floods

Prevent Washer Floods

What’s your laundry routine? You put bucket load of dirty clothes in the washer, start it up and rush to the couch to watch your favorite TV show. Something strange, very strange happens in the washing area!

After you are done with your favorite show, you hear the sound of your nightmares. Water running from the laundry area into the hallway! EEK! You forget to enjoy the Doritos anymore, get up grunting on your elder boy and rush down the hall to find out what’s wrong in the washer area. You haven’t gone far away when your cute pink bunny shoes are splattering through a puddle of water. Now you realize, your nightmare has come to life. It’s a washer flood out!

When your washer is filled with water a washer level control switch tells your washer that now it’s enough and the washer is full. What has happened now is that your washer gets filled with water, like it always does, and it then it fills and fills and fills. The washer level control switch goes for an eternal vacation and no one tells the washer that buddy stop filling up, you’re done! Welcome to the world of Appliance-Guru Washer Repair Service.

Now you must be thinking, I should’ve listened to that kind in-home service repair guy who not long ago told you that you really, really need a FloodControl on your washer. It was not an expensive suggestion and you could’ve avoided the disaster of washer overfill. But how on earth you could’ve trusted someone who straightaway used words like “Disaster” for your own good? And besides, that money was always going to be spent on Dish TV you’ve been aching for so long! Well, now you’ve got mess of a world in your trailer to clean up, aren’t you? PSSS.. save yourself the hassle and give a call now to washer repair experts at Appliance-Guru Home Repair Service at (631) 517-4341.


Refrigerator Not Cooling! Read this

Refrigerator is the heart of your kitchen and your household depends on it. New or old you expect them to keep working efficiently for many years to come. For these expectations to come true your refrigerator needs care. It can last longer and keep your food cold if you follow refrigerator maintenance and operating tips. Here is what you need to do.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Condenser coils take the warm air out of your refrigerator and freezer and keeps your food cold. You can find them either underneath or behind the refrigerator. After some time you will find dust and food particles attached to surface of coils. The refrigerator then works extra to function properly which reduces its efficiency. Ultimately it wears out and asks for expensive repairs. It is a common problem with an easy solution.

It’s quite an easy refrigerator maintenance step and you can clean the condenser coils yourself. To have a look at the coils pull your fridge away from the wall or take out the frame at the bottom. If needed, clean the coils with a brush long enough to reach the corners then vacuum the dust away. Do it every six months to increase the efficient working life of your refrigerator.

Check the Rubber Door Gasket

You must have seen a rubber around the door of refrigerator. It helps maintain a tight seal and keep the cold air inside the refrigerator and freezer. The rubber door gasket collects dust particles and wears out over time. In this situation the warmer air easily gets into the fridge and affects the cooling. The refrigerator now works harder to cool down the extra heat. This reduces efficiency of your fridge and it wears out faster. And Yes! It also means higher energy bills.

To keep the door gasket in good working condition for longer time, clean it periodically with an all-purpose cleaner. If you feel the gasket is losing its strength, conduct the dollar bill test. Shut refrigerator door on a dollar bill and try pulling it out. If it comes out easily then you have a faulty gasket. Refrigerator repair experts at Appliance-Guru can replace your refrigerator gasket in no time.

Defrost the Refrigerator

Over time frost starts collecting on the coils inside the refrigerator affecting its efficiency and making it work harder. Problem of refrigerator not cooling occurs and temperature maintenance becomes a difficulty. This may spoil your food and waste your money. It is a common problem in hot and humid climates. This problem is resolved in newer refrigerator models as they auto defrost themselves.

However, not everyone has a new appliance. If your refrigerator model is a little older one then be prepared to see frost build ups inside your fridge. When this accumulation becomes half an inch thick it shows it’s time to defrost the refrigerator. Plug it out or turn the thermostat off, take out all the food, leave the door open and let the ice melt. To keep your floor clean chip off the ice as it melts and put it in the sink. Return the temperature to normal and put all the food back in when the ice has completely melted.

For more refrigerator maintenance tips, or to schedule fridge repair, please contact Appliance-Guru. We’ll put your fridge back in shape so it functions efficiently and lasts longer.

Proper dryer cleaning and fire prevention.

Clean your Dryer – Prevent a Fire

It is necessary to maintain and properly inspect your dryer for home safety as it is a real threat if clothes dryer vent catches fire. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 15,000 fires get ignited annually by clothes dryers. Reason? As you do laundry, debris and fur can gather up after a while in the dryer vent. It results in the debris, which is still in the dryer, backing up into the dryer and creating a fire hazard. Below are a few tips to avoid the risk of dryer vent fire.

  1. Use only recommended ducting for your dryer

Before buying ducting for your appliance make sure to check its precise requirements. Before using the appliance check it yourself, if you can, or else have an appliance expert examine it to make sure it’s properly installed especially if you are moving into a rented home or apartment.

  1. Wait! Clean the lint filter first

Don’t forget to clean your dryer lint filter before running a load of clothes. Yes, even if you are in a hurry. Experts say if you don’t clean lint from the filter it’s just as good as inviting danger. Read the complete report of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  1. Call a professional regularly to clean your duct and dryer cabinet

Call an expert every six months or once a year depending your ducting and dryer setup. Don’t know how often to call a professional? Let a local dryer vent cleaning specialist determine it for you. Want a specialist in your area? Appliance-Guru offers dryer vent cleaning across Nassau County and Suffolk County in New York.